My Best Friend’s Wedding

Back in late January Danny called me and let me know he was planning to get married with some short notice. We’ve been friends since we were 4 so this was a big deal.

It was just going to be a small courthouse wedding in Miami or St. Petersburg. By February the wedding had grown quite a bit and was now going to be on Redington Beach at the Doubletree Hotel on Friday, March 3rd.

It really couldn’t have been a nicer day. The weather in Florida in March can still be a tad warm but March 3rd was perfect.

The ceremony started a little bit late (they always do) and the end of the ceremony coincided with sunset.


Right after the ceremony (since the remaining light was scarce) we quickly did some group photos and then moved on to shoot some couple’s portraits.

The Doubletree Redington Beach is just a little south of the Redington Long Pier so we took a walk and shot most of the portraits near there. Fortunately I’ve shot at this pier many times.

The reception was great. My parents and sister were in attendance, as well as Danny’s immediate family. Angie (the bride) had some of her immediate family in town as well- they traveled in all the way from Colombia. All in all it was a really great wedding put together in record time!

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